Bali state of mind

As you may already know, we’ve visited Bali. So in this post I’d like to show you photos and maybe give you some travelling tips.

I wanted to visit Bali for quite some time, mostly because of articles I’ve read and photos I’ve seen on the internet. My friend Vojta (if you speak Czech, check out his blog) recently moved there, so with some unexpected extra money and extra time on our hands we didn’t have to think long where to go. We bought the tickets and Vojta arranged the accommodation.

But then, the madness started. Continue reading Bali state of mind

Awkward office kitchen talk

I am blending coffee in my oldschool blender, aeropress ready next to it, when a coworker I’ve never talked to before comes in…

Coworker: (starting to wash his mug) Are you making coffee?
Me: Yes.
Coworker: Smells nice.
Me: Yeah, but it’s only regular coffee from a grocery store, nothing special…
Coworker: (finished washing, starting to dry the mug) Yeah, but still, freshly blended, smells nice.
Me: Thanks…?
Coworker: (dried his mug, leaving…) See you around! 🙂

That’s what I call unnecessary. Wouldn’t have silence just been better?

Header photo: Coffee ceremony performed in Ethiopian pavillion at Expo2015 in Milan. Honza.